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316g Stainless steel female knob

Knobs and thumb screws are available in many styles, thread materials and specifications designed for easy hand adjusting, pushing, pulling, tightening, loosening, fixing, positioning and moving equipment with a control knob.  Knobs are widely used in various applications including: Industrial and construction machinery, Lighting and audio visual equipment, Engineering, Mowing and gardening, Farm machinery, Fitness / Gym equipment, Camping and Caravan accessories, Marine Equipment, Medical Equipment. Knobs with an ergonomic handle with a threaded nut available in a range of thread sizes from metric M6 to M12 and Imperial ¼” to 3/8”. Material choice allows you to select the most appropriate material to suit the environment which the hand wheel / knob is exposed to.

We offer arrange of knob styles to best suit your application.  

Common names for knobs:-   Handle bolt, Handle screw, Star knob, Grip knob, Clamping knob, Knurled bolt, Knurled handle, Star handwheel, Wing screw, Screw handle, Thumb screw and positioning components. Quality ergonomic handwheels are manufactured in Germany and are designed to make your products easily adjustable. Our handwheels are available in a wide range of specifications to suit your application. For each use case you will need a different grade of thread. Mild steel is the the most common handwheel thread, but if you are using the handwheel for an outdoor application you may want to look into Stainless Steel. When a handwheel is used in marine applications or in areas exposed to lots of corrosion and salt you may want to look at the stainless steel 316 and nylon thread types. Correctly choosing the right material for the job will save you time and money for years to come.

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Stainless Steel 316 grade

Stainless steel 316 is used in applications which are exposed to salt water and corrosive elements. Common applications include:

  • Marine furniture
  • Marine equipment
  • Yacht / boat or ship components
  • Commercial food manufacturing
  • Water treatment equipment    
  • Medical equipment
FEMALE handwheels, scallop edge
Flexliner part No Thread (mm) a Thread length (mm) b Handle dia. (mm) c Overall handle thickness (mm) d Shank end dia. (mm) e Weight (grams)
stainless steel 316 "marine" grade thread
HWFS-3570s16 M6 8 40 26 19 14
HWFS-3572s16 M8 8 40 26 19 16
HWFS-3573s16 M8 10 50 36 18 24
HWFS-3571s16 M8 10 63 40 23 33
HWFS-3574s16 M10 10 50 36 18 26
HWFS-3575s16 M10 10 63 40 23 40
HWFS-3576s16 M12 12 80 52 25 67

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