Screw knobs


Hand knobs and thumb screws are available in many styles and materials to be used for pushing, pulling, tightening, loosening and as fixed handles. They are widely used in various applications from industrial and construction machinery to lighting and audio visual equipment. The knobs are fitted with either a protruding screw or threaded inserts in a range of thread sizes.

The material can help you to determine the most suitable environment to use the knob in. They are commonly manufactured from:
Stainless steel

There are many types of hand knobs available to suit the area and application it is to be used in. Some of the most common styles include:

Star knobs – Their shape allows a good grip to be easily turned by hand. They have a varying number of lobes (arms) and are selected depending on the grip and pressure required.

Ball knobs – Ideal for use with handles and levers.

Thumb screws - Can be fitted in confined spaces and offer a greater grip that a plain nut and can be tightened by hand or with a tool.

T - Knobs – Easily fitted and gripped with an ergonomic design for quick control adjustment.