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"Imperial" female knob thread right thru

Quality ergonomic handwheels are manufactured in Germany and are designed to make your products easily adjustable.

Our handwheels are available in a wide range of specifications to suit your application.

For each use case you will need a different grade of thread. Mild steel is the the most common handwheel thread, but if you are using the handwheel for an outdoor application you may want to look into Stainless Steel.

When a handwheel is used in marine applications or in areas exposed to lots of corrosion and salt you may want to look at the stainless steel 316 and nylon thread types.

Correctly choosing the right material for the job will save you time and money for years to come.

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FEMALE "thread right thru" handwheels, assorted types
Flexliner part No Thread (mm) a Thread length (mm) b Handle dia. (mm) c Overall handle thickness (mm) d Shank end dia. (mm) e Weight (grams)
"Imperial" mild steel ZP thread
TRTi-3625 1/4" 8 40 26 19 14
TRTi-3626 5/16" 10 40 26 19 14
TRTi-3627 5/16" 10 50 36 18 24
TRTi-3628 5/16" 10 63 40 23 33
TRTi-3629 3/8" 12 50 36 18 26
TRTi-3630 3/8" 12 63 40 23 40

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