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Female specialist handwheels

We stock a large range of specialist knobs and precision threaded fixings for use in a wide range of industrial, outdoor, and fixing applications, in our Australian warehouse. Shop now for high strength, corrosion resistant, and lightweight screw knobs with durable poly amide or stainless steel construction. Brass threads are available.

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FEMALE handwheels, assorted types
Flexliner   part No Thread (mm) a Thread length (mm) b Thread material Handle shape & material Handle dia. (mm) c Overall handle thickness (mm) d Handle depth before thread (mm) e Weight (grams)
HWFP-3584 M8 25 mild steel ZP palm handle -Nylon 50-32 121 128 115
HWFP-3596 M8 25 mild steel ZP tapered -Nylon 45-65 40 47 85
THFB-3580 M8 14 brass "T" handle 60 wide 18 33 17
THFB-3581 M10 22 brass "T" handle 72 wide 19 34 29
FLFT-3595 M10 20 mild steel ZP ball- fixed lever- Nylon 100 long 25-40 30 70
THFB-3588 M12 19 bradd "T" handle 72 wide 14 34 38
HWFT-3582 M16 27 brass round tri-scallop-Nylon 63 29 40 57
handwheel #3582 available in black or orange (RAL2044) colours

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