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Female thread right thru 3 arm handle

Female thread fastening knob, constructed with a brass thread plated thread and a black polyamide head, which is a lightweight, durable and strong fibre-reinforced plastic.

Designed for a wide range of duties where an ergonomic three arm knob is required.  

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FEMALE "thread right thru" handwheels, assorted types
Flexliner   part No Thread (mm) a Thread material Thread length (mm) b Handle dia. or size (mm) c Overall handle thickness (mm) d Handle depth before thread (mm) e Weight (grams)
3 arm handle
TRTB-3697 M8 brass 15 65 15 23 25
TRTB-3698 M10 brass 20 85 20 30 54
TRTB-3699 M12 brass 22 85 26 37 96

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