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Thin scallop edge

Male threadfastening knob, constructed with a mild steel zinc plated thread and a blackinjection moulded thin round knurled designed head.

Designed for awide range of light to medium duties.  

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FEMALE "thread right thru" handwheels, assorted types
Flexliner   part No Thread (mm) a Thread material Thread length (mm) b Handle dia. or size (mm) c Overall handle thickness (mm) d Handle depth before thread (mm) e Weight (grams)
"Thin" scallop edge
TRTT-3589 M10 mils steel ZP 13 50 14 n/a 42
TRTT-3638 M12 mils steel ZP 10 40 12 n/a 22
TRTT-3638L M12 mils steel ZP 13 50 14 n/a 36
TRTT-3538 M16 brass 14 70 22 4 80
TRTB-3633 M8 brass 12 50 24 33 21

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